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Фанские горы. Альпинистская туристическая база (АТБ) «Артуч»

Fann Mountains of Republic Tajikistan


Mountaineering & tourist base "ARTUCH" located in heart of Fann Mountains at height of 2200 m. invites all wishing to visit unique mountain region of the Central Asia of Republic Tajikistan where also gives you possibility to make fascinating travel in world of famous places of tourism and mountaineering. If you glance in the geographical atlas you will find in the Southeast of the Central Asia the Republic Tajikistan adjoining with Afghanistan, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This unique area where outstanding monuments of history and culture where are combined, ancient traditions of the East with a modern civilization where surprising rules of hospitality of the Tadjik people with its ancient customs have remained, and also the nature are located has generously awarded with special beauty this mountain region.
Mountaineering & Tourist base "ARTUCH" provides on the travel various directions - professional mountaineering, mountaineering, excursions in the historical places, connected with ethnography, archeology and a life of the people of Tajikistan and the Central Asia.


At present LLS "ARTUCH" has:
- own transport (two Ural's "bus-truck's" - for 25 people and for 22 people; UAZ (minibus) - for 7 people; UAZ (minibus) - for 11 people; Jeep - for 4 people) which are always ready to meet and will serve you;
- cottages with 2 persons numbers for 24 persons;
- block rooms with 4 and 6 persons numbers for 250 persons;
- a first-aid post;
- a sauna, pool and a shower;
- the first class dining room, a banquet room, a beer bar;
- 24 hour shop - a minimarket where it is possible to be reserved by a foodstuff;
- a rolling warehouse of equipment, a warehouse for rescuers.
In territory of "ARTUCH" you can use a mobile phone with sim card of Tajik GSM operator INDIGO-SOMONCOM.

Tourist routes lie to lakes Iskanderkul, Kulikalon, Alaudin, Allo and Marguzor. Tourists can come to us from Khudzhand and from Dushanbe (through pass Anzob) or Samarqand (Uzbekistan), crossing border near to Pendzhikent. In Samarqand there are residing variants: hotels of different level and as so-called B&B (bed&breakfast)
- private hotels of very good level and it is not so expensive.
For example, travel agency "Qodirjon-biznes" co-operating with LLS "ARTUCH" is engaged in the organization of individual and group rounds to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
- in organization of meetings at the airport
- transport services
- placing in hotels
- organization of excursions
- booking of air tickets
- granting of the guide - the translator

Khiva – Bukhara – Samarqand (Across the cities of Silk Road)
Tashkent - Fann Mountains
Excursion round on ancient cities of Uzbekistan
Arrival in Shahrisabz

address: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Nukus street, the Mirobad market (Hospital), a 2-floor, office 31.
Ph.(99871) 254 88 89, (99890) 185 32 48
Email: info@qb.uz, qodirjonbiznes@mail.ru
Web: www.qb.uz

The abundance of the sun and water, pure mountain and the cool air, rich animal and involve flora in Fann Mountains are many fans of the nature. In this empire of the untouched nature there are many tourist tracks. In the summer in Fann Mountains it is possible to meet fans of travel from all corners of our country and from abroad. In Fanns the lakes located in valleys between mountains draw attention. Them here, together with Marguzor, about forty, different on the area, surprising on beauty.
Tajikistan - Edge of impressing contrasts, in the world of snow-white mountains and blossoming valleys. Zerafshan ridge, the rivers Yagnob on the east up to the rivers Sarymat and Astrakhan fur in the West, reaches the greatest height in Fann Mountains. Chimtarga - The top dominating over Fann Mountains. Its height 5494м. In this place the most powerful mountain unit is formed.
To the north from snowy Chimtarga - ice peak Mirali (5170м) towers, abruptly breaks a two-kilometer wall on the north. From Mirali - Maria (4790м), Aurondag (4574м), Sarishakh (4651м), Gaznich (4160м) departs Western Fanna ridge with tops. To the south Chimtarga - Energy (5110м) departs from top east Fann with tops Paygamber - Zamok (5070м), Bodkhona (5304м): Small Ganza (5031м), the Greater Gansa (5330м), the Fan-Ulla (4500м), Sarof (4513м). In the same area top Fann's Mattergorn is located, then like 4 ships. The ridge comes to the end with two-headed top Shome (4115м). Top Adamtash directs To the north from Mirali in Zerafshan ridge in the sky. Further the ridge strongly goes down, forming a number of passes. To the south from Energy Zerafshan ridge the Rocky wall, Moscow (5193м) represents very twisting line with tops Kaznok, Zindon: the Sugar head (Sakharnaya golova) (4987м), Pushnovat (4631м). From pass Dukdon the ridge sharply turns on the West, forming continuous ice barrier Dukdon of a file with tops up to 5000. It also is well-known Kukhiston, that in translation from Tadjik the country of mountains .
Fann Mountains are rich with the rivers and lakes. All the rivers of Fann's are included into system of river Zeravshan - One of the largest rivers of Central Asia. Zerafshan - In translation from Tajik language is gold river. The name it is given in connection with deposits of gold in it which were developed in an extreme antiquity. But main riches of Zerafshan is a fertile valley in which two and a half of thousand years ago there was a legendary state Sogd, the world famous cities of Bukharas and Samarqand have risen. In Fann Mountains are hundred passes mastered by tourists. They are all a different category of complexity. One of them simple with a strongly pronounced track for which overcoming it is not required special equipment and good preparation. Other group is made with complex passes, with snowy and glaciers. For their overcoming application of special equipment, and for people is required to have a special preparation.
In Fann's the lakes located in valleys between mountains draw attention. Them here, together with Marguzor, about forty, different on the area, surprising on beauty. The biggest lake is Iskandarkul. Coast of lake are very picturesque. It from different directions is surrounded by mountains which snow tops are reflected in its quiet smooth surface. The lake Iskandarkul by the right is considered one of the most beautiful in our country. Its name connect with a name of commander Great Alexander. One of legends speaks the following. During far times the Great Alexander has grasped ancient Sogdiana. But freedom-loving Sogdians (sogd people) did not wish will reconcile to it. They continuously lifted revolts against satraps of conquerors. The angered commander has decided to punish mountaineers. With group of the soldiers bet raid to it it has reached a place where the lake is located now. Then the river here flew. the bet Great Alexander has ordered to construct a high dam. The rise n water has flooded city, and on its place there was a lake. From lake the river Iskandardarya which near to a source forms majestic almost 40-meter falls originates. It impresses with the violent force and indescribable beauty.

Almost there are a little lakes which is located in big Kulikalon. Biggest of them is Kuli Kalon (the big lake), on size concedes Iskandarkul. They are connected by a channel. In Kuli Kalon water is warmer, than in other lakes here again it is possible to bathe. A drain from lake underground, through thickness of a moraine. After passing through blockage there you will se where is born the river Artuch which promptly bears the waters in to the Voru river. In Fann Mountains another lake is Alauddin lake which are located in riverheads Pasrood are considered as the most beautiful. All these lakes are located on the river Chapdara. Water of the river is poured by the cascade from one lake in to another. In riverheads Pendon two are located surprising on beauty of lake Small and Big Allo. The track to them conducts on the river Zindon among thickets of a birch, a willow, sea-buckthorn berries, occasionally involve a look bright red brushes of a guilder-rose. A climate of Fann Mountains are continental. Here drops out 200-250мм deposits which have in a year, basically, on second half of winter and spring. Winter, as a rule, soft and snow. During from November till May on slopes there is an avalanche danger, and at this time passes are practically inaccessible. From June till October dry, warm weather is established. Occasionally, the thunder-storm suddenly will burst and the rain, and on passes will drop out? A snow. The special beauty is given with cumulus clouds which often run on the pure blue sky.

In the bottom valleys of the rivers it is a lot of orchards, the nut, a poplar, a birch, a willow, a hawthorn grows, it is a lot of bushes: sea-buckthorn berries, a barberry, a dog rose, a currant. At height more 2200м appear Central Asian juniper which last up to glaciers. Especially it is a lot of Central Asian juniper thickets meets in valleys Sarimat, Archamaydan, Arga, Chapdara, Karakul and Saritag. Central Asian juniper woods give special beauty to gorges. Unique trees and poplar groves were kept in gorges Arga, Saritag and Serim, you can see bushes of a fine cherry which ripens in August. On lakes Kuli Kalon and in gorge Arga bushes of a black currant, unusually large and tasty. At height from above 3200м the wood vegetation disappears, slopes of mountains cover the Alpine meadows. Fauna of Fann Mountains unusually rich before about penetration here a plenty of people gradually grows poor. Snow leopards found here in a plenty, now almost have completely disappeared. They live highly in mountains among snow rocks and go down downwards only on a watering place and hunting. One more large predator is found in woods- The lynx, but meets it very seldom. Mountain goats and rams became rare also. In mountain woods it is a lot of hares, wolves, bears, foxes, marmots and ermines . Wild boars live in gorges. In the early spring and in the autumn in Fann lakes it is a lot of birds of passage. For the summer in large lakes - Iskandarkul, KuliKalon and Alauddin there are ducks. The abundance of the sun and water, pure mountain air and a cool, rich animal and involve flora in Fann's of many fans of the nature. In this empire of the untouched nature there are many tourist tracks. In the summer in Fann Mountains it is possible to meet fans of travel from all corners of our country and from abroad. Attracts them here not only the fine nature, but also immemorial aspiration for the person will measure swords with mountains, to check up itself in single combat with elements.

Fann Mountains - also represent the big interest for climbers. Here many snow and rocky tops - Four and five step rocks, representing the tempting purpose for ascensions. Some tops are not subdued yet. Fourteen tops surround circus of lakes Mutnie. From here are well visible - Mirali, Chimtarga, Energy, Chapdara and snowy Zamok ... A fine place for climbers is Dukdon a file which southern slopes go down in gorge of the river Karakul. It is not enough mountain, glaciers abrupt and short, rocks are strongly destroyed. The nature mountain of Tajikistan is surprisingly beautiful. Here it is possible to meet many climatic zones- From hot semideserts up to eternal snows. Transcendental tops sharp-sightedly guard the captives- Picturesque, multi-coloured lakes. They sparkle under beams of the bright sun as jewels. Semi-precious stones. The malachite greens - Temur valley-gifts competes on beauty to the green-blue waters of Iskandarkul, the polished and lazurite with a smooth surface of lakes Alauddin, all colors of a rainbow pour seven Marguzor lakes. And around of them, on slopes of mountains, orchards were scattered Central Asian juniper groves. Crystal falls ring, attract picturesque cool gorges.

For all organizational questions of visiting LLS "ARTUCH" please contact the under given address:
Republic of Tajikistan, Sogd area, Penjikent, st. Rudaki 85
work tel: (8-992-3475) 5-66-61,
mob: (8-992-92) 773-74-89
The main Director - Muzaffarov Abulkasim

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