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Excursion tour along ancient cities of Uzbekistan

Arrival in Samarqand. Accommodation in the hotel.
In Samarqand, visitors have the chance to travel through living history, not just by way of artifacts kept in the confines of a museum. Mosques and tombs still serve as places for religious pilgrimage, as they have for thousand years and wares from all over Central Asia are on sale just as during the time of The Great Silk Road.
Tour programm: excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrosiab, Ulughbek Observatory and the Mausoleum of Saint Daniel.
Back to the hotel. Overnight in Samarqand.
Continuation of tour programm Registan Square: Madrasah Ulughbek, Madrasah Shir-Dor, Madrasah Tilla-Kori; Bibi-Khonum Mosque.
Excursion after lunch: Mausoleum Guri Emir - Tamerlane's Tomb and architectural complex Shakhi-Zindeh.

Arrival in Bukhara, accommodation in the hotel.
The earliest remains of human presence in Bukhara are to be found at a depth of about 20 meters an indicator of how long approximately the town has been in existence. Various documents and scholars fix Bukhara’s beginnings at 2000 to 3000 years ago. It’s known that in 329 B.C. Alexander the Great conquered a town in this area. The name Bukhara starts appearing in written documents from the I century A.D. the city’s could be derived from the Persian “bukar” for “the source of knowledge” or the Sanskrit “vihara” for “monastery”. Right from the start, Bukhara was a place where scholars gathered, where science and beautiful crafts stood high on the lists of achievements of its residents and citizens.
Tour programm: visiting Minaret Kalon, Kalon mosque, Medreseh Miri Arab, Ulugbek Medreseh and Abdulaziz-khan Madrasah.
We recommend you to have dinner at the restorant where you can taste national dishes of Bukhara, listen to the traditional music and watch the show with demonstration Uzbek dance and traditional cloth.
Back to the hotel. Overnight in Bukhara.
Continuation of tour programm: A trip out of the city for a visit to the Bahouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum (16-19th c.), to the sepulchers of his mother and his preceptor (14th c.), Medreseh Nodir-Divan-Beghi complex Lyabi-Khauz.
Excursion after lunch: Citadel Ark, old walls of Bukhara, Chashma Ayub, Bolo-Hauz Mosque and Emir's Summer residence Sitorai-Mokhi-Hossa
Back to the hotel. Overnight in Bukhara.

Arrival in Urgench. Transfer to Khiva. Accommodation in the hotel.
The history of Khiva and the Khorezm oasis is fascinating and a walk through the Ichan Kala, the old walled city of Khiva, will give you an insight into the life led there ancient days up to the present time. Today Khiva is the gateway to a region that has much to offer: ancient Khorezm, where you can discover lots of cities from the 6th century, acquire hand made ceramics, woven rugs and silk carpets and many other interesting things.
Tour programm: visiting Kunya Ark Castle, Kalta Minor tower, Mohammed Amin Khan madrasah.
Excursion after lunch: Juma Mosque, driving through villages made entirely from clay, where donkey carts are a common means of transportation.
We recommend you to have dinner in Yurts at Ishon-Ravat among desert Kara-Kum, next to the big lake, where you can watch how the cook makes national dinner for you.
Back to the hotel. Overnight in Khiva.
Breakfast in hotel.
Continuation of tour programm: visiting Mohammed Amin Khan madrasah,
The residence of the last Khan including Ismail Khodja mausoleum.
Excursion after lunch: visiting Pahlavan Mahmud mausoleum, The harem and Tash-Hovli Palace.
We recommend you to have dinner at the Uzbek traditional house where you can taste traditional dishes of the Khiva’s khans. Also you can listen to the stories of the modern and old traditions of Khiva.
Back to the hotel. Overnight in Khiva.

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